Monday, March 25, 2013

Make it Monday - Removable Table Skirt

Check it Out!  I have been so busy getting my new house together, which is a slightly overwhelming experience, that my blogging has slipped. I apologize for that!
Buying EVERYTHING is a huge job.  It is fun sometimes, but sometimes I get the hives from spending so much money.  TV, computers, lamps, furniture, you name it... I had to buy it!  Now I don't have a million dollars to spend so budget shopping is a necessity for me.  I look for sales and clearance items and I try to make things myself to save money.  
This is our "school room" which is not only the homeschool room but my office and craft area.

As you can see that table in between those bookcases is kinda an eyesore, and since it is the only table in the room right now, I want it to look nice and fit in as well.  It's just a folding table that I picked up for $20 so I knew I could alter it.  
I purchased this curtain set at Walmart really just for the valance, which I used in my kitchen area, so I had the bottom tier panels left over. Turns out they are a perfect fit for the height of that table. 

I picked up some velcro strips from the craft department for about $0.80 a roll and fired up my new hot glue gun for it's first project!

I turned the panels on their sides and starting at the decorative end glued the velcro strip to the back side of the panel.  Sorry for the wrinkles...haven't bought an iron yet!

So it took me 2 velcro strips to do both panels. The panels and the velcro were both 1 yard long.  Then I found my center on the front of the table and glued each strip starting from the center and going around the corner of the table.  It didn't fit all the way around, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't show anyway.

My finished table looks great and it's functional as well, I can simply peel back the fabric and get to the items I need to store under the table! 

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