Tuesday, August 28, 2012

@PurexInsiders & @ZookaCreative really Rock!

Check it Out!  It has been the longest 56 days since my home burned to the ground and living in an extended stay hotel is really no fun.  One of the hardest adjustments is laundry.  I have gone from having my own washer & dryer and washing clothes EVERY day to owning the bare minimum and having to go to the laundromat once a week.  Not only is it expensive but a pain in the butt!!  Hot too!
Well this week has been a real test as well...my hubby is in the hospital and is having surgery tomorrow so it has been super stressful this week.
Well today when I went and picked up my mail I was super happy to see a few boxes, things I have been expecting and one box that I was not expecting.
Above is what was in that box and when I opened it, I was blown away!  Just look at all these fabulous Purex products that the wonderful folks at Purex Insiders and Zooka Creative Marketing sent me!
Like I said, I was blown away and I cried.  Yes, cried, because I am so moved that they did this for me!  When you have very little, things like this really make me giddy and knowing that my laundry needs are taking care of is such a relief...too bad I still have to go to the laundromat!!
Thanks Jack, Purex Insiders and the whole Zooka Creative Marketing Team...you guys rock and I and my family really appreciate it!

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