Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Graveyard Mall Scrapbooking Boxes only $25

Small Scrapbooking Guaranteed Mystery Box: 100 Packages - approx. 2000 pcs (ships tomorrow)
Check it Out!  I am so excited about an online order I just placed at Graveyard Mall!  I just snagged the Guaranteed Scrapbooking Box for only $25, and that includes Shipping!  Whoot! 
Since I lost all of my scrapbooking and crafting supplies in the fire, I am so excited to have some scrapbooking items in my hands! 
If you haven't heard of Graveyard Mall, you should definitely check it out!  I absolutely love their Mystery Boxes and themed boxes and right now site wide you can snag $1.99 standard shipping! 
 So for only $22.99 + $1.99 shipping I am getting 100 packages of scrapbooking goodies!! Whoohoo!  I can't wait!  Oh and what I really love is that these boxes are guaranteed, and that means if I am not happy I can send it back and get my $ back including shipping both ways!  Now ya can't go wrong with that! 
I have purchased 2 other Mystery Boxes.  GO HERE and check out my Girls themed box and GO HERE to check out my 1st Mystery Box!

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