Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Check it Out!  I learned many years ago how to clean up glass while doing insurance clean up work.  If you have ever broken glass, you know how it can leave super small slivers.  Some of those slivers you can't even see, until you step on them!!
It really isn't a great idea to use your vacuum, especially some of  the newer expensive ones, glass shards can damage it.  Once you have carefully removed all the large pieces of glass, sprinkle some baking soda on your broom, so the glass doesn't stick and sweep the area, starting on the perimeter and working your way into the bulk of the glass.  Once your done sweeping take your broom outside and shake it out really well, before using it again!
Once you have swept up the floor and removed all that you can with the broom and dustpan, grab a few pieces of loaf bread and you can either press them to the area or lightly run them over the area.  The tiny pieces will stick to the bread and then you can just throw the bread away!
I always mop the area, with a swiffer type mop as well when I am done, so I can just throw out the pad... just in case!! 
If your cleaning glass up on carpet and you do need to use your vacuum, make sure all large pieces are gone and use the hose attatchment to avoid the spinning brush on the bottom.  Duct tape strips are helpful but just remember it is almost impossible to remove every piece of glass from carpet, so use caution.
Do you have any tips for cleaning up glass?

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