Monday, May 28, 2012

Make It Monday - Sponge Balls

Check it Out!  It's summer and time to find things to keep the kiddos's busy.  Here is a Make It project that is quick easy and sure to keep them busy for at least a little while, whether indoors or out,  Sponge Balls.

sponges - 2 per ball

First step is to mark your sponge cuts, you will want them to be pretty much the same size, but it it's okay if they are a little off.  You should make them at least 1/2 inch wide.

Then cut your strips. 

Stack your strips in 2 rows of 2 for a standard size ball.  If you want a thicker, rounder one, add another layer or two.

Grab your stack and squeeze it in together on one end and put the rubberband in the center, wrapping around to make the band tight and cinching the center.

Now just fluff it up and your ready for some spongey fun!!
I love this make it because it is so versatile to play with!

My little buddy Champ loves to play with it too, it's one of the few balls he can pick up and carry around!
Not only is it THE perfect inside ball, because it's soft and won't harm anything, but you can take it outside, add a bucket of water and you got some wet fun!
Your kids can throw them at each other and they don't hurt and you can make games with them.
Line up buckets in a row and assign points based on the distance away or chalk out a tic tac toe board, you can even play volleyball with them.
I picked up the sponges for $1 and who doesn't have a rubber band laying around?  If you don't happen to have a rubber band, you could also use zip ties, dental floss or string.  Cheap, my favorite way to make things! 
You can use different size sponges and go for the colorful ones to add pizazz.
Go ahead...Make It!

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