Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got an @Influenster NYC NewYork Color badge prize!

Check it Out!  I love being an Influenster not only for the awesome opportunities to receive a coveted Voxbox but because they reward you for good reviews too!
I received the Holiday Voxbox back in December, you can check that out HERE and I did an individual review on the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine that was in my Holiday VoxBox. Well, after reviewing thousands of reviews and videos, the Influenster team chose me as a Brand Challenge winner for submitting one of the best reviews! This means that I got the NYC New York Color badge prize which is an NYC Individual Eyes Custom Eyeshadow Compact!
And here it is, I got it today!  Yay!  Can't wait to try it out.

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  1. So fun! Love the colors you got. I can't wait to see what mine are.


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