Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Influenster Holiday VoxBox

 Check it Out!  I was chosen via Influenster to receive a Holiday VoxBox and I am so excited to share what I got with you!  Influenster is a online community that you join and using your influence you can unlock badges which leads to Rewards like my VoxBox!  VoxBoxes are themed packages of products that are mailed to qualified members and include a variety of products from top brands in beauty, health, grooming, snack, beverage and lifestyle.  My VoxBox had 6 items in it, here is what I got:
*Mentos Pure Fresh Mint Gum
*New York Color Liquid Lip Shine
*Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask
*SoftSoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap
*imPress Press-On Manicure By Broadway Nails
I have to first say that I was impressed with the variety of products, although I have tried a few before the majority I have never tried... until now!
So first off, I took care of the Larabar sample and found it to be very good.  I received the Peanut Butter flavor and I enjoyed it, rich, creamy and filling! The free sticker and $1.00 off coupon are great also!
Made from only 2-9 ingredients, Larabar's are pure and simple with delicious blends of fruits, nuts and spices all blended perfectly and they come in 19 flavors!
After the peanut butter, I needed some freshening up and the Mentos Pure Fresh Gum took care of that!!  This is one of the products that I already buy, my family loves the long lasting mint flavor and the tube they come in is a super bonus, no lost pieces and it fits anywhere, car, purse, backpack... you name it.  The fact that it is sugar-less is even better, but you can't tell it.
The crunchy outer shell conceals a green tea extract core that gives you a huge burst of coolness so you get long lasting fresh breath!
Although I had never tried the Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar before I am a user of Softsoap.  I absolutely love the Pomegranate and Mango Bars and have been using them for weeks now.  I was not disappointed with the Coconut Bar either.  It left my skin moisturized and soft as well as smelling awesome!  I love the smell of coconut, reminds me of the beach!
Enriched with crushed coconut extract, the Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar gently exfoliates while helping to retain your skins natural moisture.
The Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask was a new product for me and I used this last night.  I was super surprised by how much mask was in that little packet.  I was able to completely cover my whole face with a generous amount and the smell makes you want to lick your own face!!lol
I received the Strawberry Souffle flavor and it smells fantastic! 
Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks come in 5 flavors and are jam packed with the most natural ingredients and bursting with juicy fragrances!

One of my favorite products in the box was the New York Color Liquid Lip Shine that I received.  I got the neutral nude shade and love it.  It is so shiny, yet not sticky like some lip shines I have used.  It has a fab applicator and I am not big on bright colors on my face so it is a perfect shade for me.
New York Color Lip Shine contains pure pigments that create a 3-D gloss effect and vitamin E to provide shine while retaining moisture for healthy lips all year long.  Comes in 10 shades from the neutral nude to berries and fuchsias.
And last but certainly not least was the imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway nails.  I am not a big nail polish on my fingers kinda gal, I have my hands in water too much and it just seems like so much work, touching up and keeping them looking neat, but my daughter loves to paint hers and her friends nails so after I gave them a try, I passed them on to her.  I found them to be quick and easy to apply and I like the length, not long but functional.  You just simple peel off the backing, press on to your nail and you are done, there is no drying time or messy glue.
The advanced technology of imPress gives you a salon perfect manicure quickly and are available is 36 colors and patterns, from trendy brights to animal prints and classic darks.  I got the Space Cadet pattern.  Pretty wild and fun!
I am so happy that I am an Influenster and got the chance to check out all these fab products for Free and share them with ya'll.  If your interested in becoming an Influenster yourself you can head on over HERE and get more info.

*I received the products in this post compliments of Influenster for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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