Monday, April 16, 2012

Make It Monday - Fashion Jewelry

Owl I Want NecklaceGold Owl on Leaf Drop Earrings
Check it Out!  These cute owl jewelry pieces are 2 of my daughters favorite items at Claire's and they can be kinda expensive.  The owl necklace sells for $12.50 and those cute earrings are $8.50! 
Well I am way to frugal to fork out that much for costume jewelry so I had another idea!

A trip to the craft store and...

Our owl necklace that cost $3.00!  Much more colorful! 
And for the earrings...

Our owl earrings cost about $1.00 to make! 
 It is amazing the findings that are available.  You can pretty much find a charm for anything, and you can make some really cool jewelry from them.  You can use buttons and bows and gemstones.  We also got these...

They sold a pair just like these at Claire's for $12.50.  Bought with a 50% off sale and these babies cost less than $2.00 to make!  Good thing too...
She's already lost one!  At this price we can make more! 
Again, you can make an earring out of pretty much anything, you just need some post backs and fishhook earwires and some needle nose pliers.  Just remember when you open your jumpring, to open it to the side.  Don't try to pull the ring open, just push it aside until you can get your charm on.  When using post backs, I love hot glue or a super good metal bonding glue.
   Here are some other earrings that we have made:


Those smiley faces are grommets.

My daughter made all her friends earrings one year for Christmas and these make great bazaar items as the possibilities are endless and they are so cost friendly.  You can buy a pack of 4 pairs of earwires for $1.47 - that's only $0.37 a pair.  Get them on sale and that's less than $0.19 per pair. 
If you have a collection of old costume jewelry, you can reuse it too!
These cute earrings use to be a bracelet! 

So go ahead Make It!

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