Monday, March 12, 2012

Make It Monday - Faux Stain Glass Window for $1

Check it Out!  This is my bathroom window!  Small and the bathroom itself is even smaller, so getting it lit up can be a challenge.  We have a ceiling mounted light in there so it isn't bright, especially if you have blinds or curtains over the window.  I could open the blinds for more light, but when showering or changing, then I am left exposed. 
I found this "Glass Art"  Con-Tact paper at The Dollar Tree, yes the one where everything is $1!
This works just like regular contact paper, peel and stick, except that it is relatively clear...
But when applied to the window, it leaves a stained glass look...

So I could now remove the blinds and for $1 and no hooks, screws, rods or even paint, I created a stained glass look while getting light and privacy in my small space.

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