Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BJ's Deals for March include great cleaning & pet savings!

Check it Out!  I got in a trip to BJ's this month, because there are some super fab deals that I had to take advantage of!  Here are just a few of those great deals:

I bought:
2 - Woolite Complete Laundry Detergents 75 load
1 - Multipack Lysol (there were 5 in the pack, but I gave one away before I could get the pic)
1 - Finish PowerBall Bonus 120 Tabs
Without coupons this all would have cost $54.96, but with these coupons:
From the BJ's Journal - I used the Save $10 off when you buy 4 participating Lysol, Finish, Woolite products +
1 - $3 off Lysol Wipes Multipack coupon from BJ's March coupon book +
1 - $4 off Finish PowerBall Tabs 90 count coupon from the BJ's March coupon book +
1 - $0.75 off Fnish Powerball Tab manufacture coupon +
2 - $2.00 off Woolite manufacture coupons
I paid $33.21 for a total savings of $21.75!

Champ is hooked on these, they are his breakfast, so this was a perfect time to stock up:
I used the $6 off when you buy 2 Milo's Kitchen snacks from the BJ's Journal +
1 - $2.00 off Milo's manufacture coupon +
1 - $1.00 off Milo's manufacture coupon
Priced at $13.99 each for the 30 oz. bag they would have cost $27.98 but with a $9 savings I only paid $18.98! 
This will last my little guy at least a month or two!!

And because I feed so many cats, I have to buy my cat food in bulk :)
I used the $3.00 off Meow Mix from BJ's March coupon book +
1 - $1.00 off manufacture coupon
Priced at $10.59 for the 18.5 pound bag, I paid only $6.59!


  1. I am always interested to see how well people can do deals at Club Stores. Good work!


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