Saturday, February 18, 2012

February @Cravebox Clues

Cravebox Box
Check it Out!  I introduced you all to Cravebox a few months ago.  If you missed it you can GO HERE and check out my previous posts.
So I am anxiously awaiting my February Cravebox and was hoping it would come today, but it did not! I am still excited to see just what I get this month and thanks to Cravebox I have some hints to keep me busy wondering until it gets here. 
So here are my hints this month:
#1.  Will you write one?
#2.  Naturally sweet and a little nutty
#3. The secret to looking sharp in a flash
#4.  Get a midday lift- off before a fun night out
#5.  Get your glow on for your next date with this secret duo
So what do you think?  I have some ideas myself which makes me even more excited!  I really hope I get my Cravebox before the Twitter party and you can join in on the fun and get a chance to win a Cravebox of your own at the SheSpeaks #Cravebox Make a Date Twitter Party!  Here are all the details:
When: Thursday, February 23rd
Who: You and your friends!
Time: 9pm EST
Hashtag: #Cravebox
I recommend using this Customized Tweetgrid:
Hope to see you there!  I am @checkitoutdawn!


  1. Do I need rsvp for twitter party?? Where??

    1. You can go here -

      to the SheSpeaks site and leave a comment with your twitter handle on the post to RSVP! Sorry I neglected to add that link- Thanks Gail!


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