Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Thrifty Walgreens Trip - 10/9

Check it Out!  I got in a trip to Walgreens this morning and got some pretty good deals- there were many things that were not available so here are the few deals I got:
1st Transaction:
*Walgreens 5 Blsde Razor System - $3.99 sale - got back $3 RR
Total Paid:  $3.99 got back $3 RR
2nd Transaction:
*Cover Girl Eyeliner - $3.79
*Cover Girl Pressed Powder - $7.99 - BOGO50% off sale + used $8 off 2 coupon
*Dial for Men Lotion- $4.99 sale - used $1 off coupon + $1 off store coupon
Total Paid:  $1.87 - used $3 RR left over from last week
3rd Transaction:
*Curel Anti-Itch Lotion - $5.99 sale - used $2 off coupon
*Biore Foaming Face Wash - $5.99 sale - used $2 off coupon
Total Paid:  $7.98 - got back a $5 RR
Final Total Paid for all 6 items that would have cost $32.74 was $13.84 and I have a $5 RR left over!

I did also make it across the street to CVS but I had a little problem with a couple of coupons so my Thrifty CVS trip will be posted later.

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