Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Cerra™ Experience

Check it Out!  As I posted last week, I have just begun my Cerra™ journey.  I was introduced to  via SheSpeaks and I am excited to share with you the fab products that I have been sent to sample.  I got this pretty little box as part of my blogger kit and boy was it full:
Here is what it included:
*Three Tea Bags in Grounded, Creative Energy and Gratitude varieties
*Creative Energy Sensory Oil
*Sample Sized Gratitude Lotion
*Gratitude Keepsake Notes
*Dissolving Notes and Pen
*Cerra™ calling cards to share with friends and family
*A Cerra™ Booklet and Journal
Let me start by saying that I cannot tell you about the tea, I don't drink tea, but I will be sharing them and they are beautifully packaged.  I do however love the Sensory Oil and the lotion.  The gratitude scent isn't my most fave but I still enjoyed the lotion, it wasn't an overpowering scent to it.  The Keepsake Notes are scented and wow! are they scented.  At first I thought maybe they were way too strong but they are great for placing in areas that can use a fresh little burst and an inspiring message too!  I have them tucked into drawers in my kids bedrooms as well as the linen closet and even in the bathrooms.  The kids and I had a relaxing time writing our "worries" down and dissolving them with the Dissolving Notes and pen.  Fun too!
I also received some blogger review items:
*A Cerra™  Journal
*Cerra™  Sensory Oil Set
The Sensory Oil Set is amazing!  Not only is it pretty to look at but it contains all seven scents that are based on the Seven Intentions.  
According to Cerra™ , each intention is "a universal human virtue that when cultivated can lead to a richer, more meaningful life" and are meant to "serve as progressive stepping stones toward personal growth."  
The Seven Intentions are:
*Creative Energy
*Loving Kindness
Loving Kindness is my fave with Creative Energy following close behind!  Each scent has a unique aroma and it is really amazing how smell can affect your mood. 

As much as I loved the Sensory Oils, I think my favorite item that I received was the Guided Journal:
Guided Journal  image

This hardcover book comes with seven customized bookmarks that have their own homes in the book.  Even non-writers can manage this guided journal.  This is a beautiful book and would make a wonderfully personal gift as well. 

 "Be Aware ~ Act ~ Reflect™" 
*Be Aware ~ recognize your emotions and how they affect you
*Act ~ Choose your action with awareness
*Reflect~ reflect on your actions, gain knowledge and grow stronger

What I find is really great about Cerra™ is that their website works in perfect harmony with the products they sell.  The Cerra™ experience is all about finding that "me time" that everyone needs and at you can take "moments" for yourself,  join the Community and you can also check out their products.
 If you wanna find out even more and chat with other Cerra™  members, you can check out the #SSCerraTwitter Party that will be happening on Oct. 5, 2011.  Be sure and follow: #SSCerra and @shespeaksup.  Oh and @checkitoutdawn of course!  See you there!

*I received information and products compliments of Cerra™ via SheSpeaks for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Dawn - I'm loving being a part of this campaign. I really enjoyed how it's made me more aware of taking advantage of having more #metime.

    I'm in the process of writing up my post, and was wondering, if I would be able to utilize your picture of the sample kit (of course, crediting it to your site) because I was so excited when my kit arrived that I delved into mine, much too quickly that I did not take a good picture?


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