Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Thrifty Drugstore Deals - 9/18

Check it Out!  I got out early on this chilly morning to head to my fave drugstores.  Here are the deals I got at Walgreens:
*Infusium Conditioner - $5.99 sale - used $1 off coupon - got back a $3 RR
*Blistex Cold/Allergy Lip Soother - $2 sale - got back a $2 RR
*Purex Complete Crystals - $3.99 with store coupon
Total Paid for all 3 items that would have cost $13.98 is $7.98 (I used $5 in RR from last week) and I got $5 in RR back!
And across the street at CVS, I got these great deals:
1st Transaction:
*2 M&M's Fun Size bags- 4/$10 sale - used a $1 off coupon
*1 Snicker fun size & 1 MilkyWay fun size bags - 4/$10 sale - used $1.50 off coupon - got back a $4 EB
Total paid:  $2.50 - used $5 in EB's from last week - got back $4 EB
2nd Transaction:
*2 Halls Drops- 2/$3 - used a $1 off coupon
*2 NyQuil 12oz. - 2/$12 sale - used $3 off coupon - got back a $3 EB
*Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash - $3.99 sale - used $1 off coupon - got back $1.25EB
*Gold Emblem Candy Corn - $0.99 sale - got back a $0.99 EB
Total paid:  $10.98 - used $4 EB from 1st transaction - got back $5.24 in EB's
Final Total paid for all 10 items that would have cost $29.98 was $13.48 and I have $5.24 in EB's left over!

On a side note I wanted to share something that happened while I was in CVS this morning.  As it usually is on Sunday mornings, it was very quiet in the store as there was only me and 2 employees in the store, the girl at the checkout was looking perplexed and finally after a little consideration called her manager to the front where the Sunday papers are kept right beside the doors.  It seems that a lady came in the store earlier and told her she wanted 5 sunday papers and presented one single paper to scan, paid for 5 single papers but as she left the store, she took 5 Sunday paper DOUBLES!  She walked away with 10 newspapers!  I am thinking to myself, what coupons were in this weeks paper that would make it worth committing a crime for?  Hmm, NONE!!!  I just find it absolutely amazing that someone would risk doing that, she was caught on camera- hello?!! 

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