Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Add some fragrant "MeTime" to your day!

Check it Out!  I got this sweet little gift in the mail on Saturday from  You can check out my 1st post about Cerra HERE.  This is their Seven Intentions Scents Sampler and it is so cool.  It comes with the Seven Intentions scents - one on each card, that comes sealed so you can choose when to experience the scent.  Some of the scents are Amazing!!  After this little preview, I am so excited to get my Cerra Program Kit via SheSpeaks and share all the great products they offer with you.  You can get your own Seven Intentions Scent Sampler too when you join and complete your profile(you must enter your address) and learn how to take some "Me Time" for yourself.  At there are "moments" that will help you to relax and find the inner calm.  What I think is really cool to do is to choose a scent card that goes with the need for the day(or week or however you choose) and keep it at the computer while you take a "moment" or two!  Try it!

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