Friday, April 15, 2011

Future Friendly Friday

                                     shespeaks - I joined the Future Friendly Challenge. Will You?
Check it Out!  Have you joined the Future Friendly Challenge yet?  Well my family has and this weekis about being more "Green" around the house.  The kids are really getting involved too, check out this video they made:
Recycling is just one way to be more Future Friendly and we love to recylce jars and containers!  As you saw in the video jars can be used for so many things from garage items like screws and bolts to the craft room for ribbons and buttons.  We use them in just about everyroom and you can make some great gifts with them too, I  will do a craft post on that at another time, and since we buy in bulk alot we tend to have some containers on the large side and we use those for cat food and cereal and even chips, crackers and cookies.

So if you haven't joined the Future Friendly challenge yet, but want to, just head on over HERE to the Future Friendly Facebook page and get signed up.  Don't forget to check back next week for another Future Friendly Friday post.

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