Monday, January 30, 2017

#MakeItMonday -Upcycle a Tin Into a Planner Supply Travel Case

Check it Out!  It's been a super busy year so far and January isn't even over yet!  One of my goals for 2017 is to become more organized.  I'm doing pretty good so far. 

I already have a large Happy Planner but I find it too large to carry around. So of course I have wanted a mini since they first came out. I was able to snag myself a Mini Happy Planner from Michaels for 70% off!  Yess! 

I spend a lot of time in doctors appointments and I have found that planning fills that time and keeps me organized.  One of the problems with planning on the go is how and what to carry with you.   My essentials include:  Pencil, pens, Icon stamps and a stamp pad, clips, page tags and sticky notes.  I quickly realized that I had to find something to carry this all in.  I wanted something just as mini as my planner.  

I found this tin in my recycle box and discovered that it was perfect all I needed was some dividers and to dress it up a bit.    

I used the Weekday paper pad by CraftSmith and Carpe Diem by Simple Stories paper kit and Washi tape from The Dollar Tree.  I also used Glue and Seal to adhere and seal the paper and stickers on the lid. 

To create the dividers I used a recycled piece of foam board.  I first measured and cut the board and then covered each piece in cardstock. I hot glued it all together to give it strength and added some lace.  I also wrapped the outside edge of the tin with glitter Washi tape.

I am absolutely loving how this turned out.  I discovered that an elastic lace headband is the perfect way to bundle my planner to the tin.  I think I will add some dangles and charms to it in the future.  

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  1. You are absolutely clever Dawn! I love it!!! You have the best, resourceful, creative mind, I have ever seen!


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