Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transformation Tuesday - Lampshade Redo

Check it Out!  I am a huge fan of transforming things.  I get an amazing satisfaction from taking something old, worn out or unloved and making it into something new, lovely and functional.  
I was recently given a project challenge by a dear friend.  She brought me six of these small lampshades and had a vision in mind.  She wanted these lampshades to look different so she could use them for a graduation party.  
The picture above is what these shades looked like before.  After considering recovering them, I decided to experiment with painting them.  I discovered that not only did it work well, it looked good!

This is what they look like after painting.  For the ones above I painted the centers an off white color and the upper and lower trims black.  

I used acrylic paints and it did take a couple of coats to get full coverage. I am not a master painter so some of the lines may not be super straight but that is where painters tape comes in!  

Since she only needed four for the party, I got to keep the other two. Whoot!  I decided to paint one of them completely black and the other one... well let's just say, you may see it in another Transformation Tuesday post later! 

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