Friday, April 8, 2016

Fix It Friday - Ceramic Angel

Check it Out!  As you can see the angel above is missing her wings!  

My dear friend gave me this angel with some pieces of the original wings.  She said, I know you can fix it somehow.  Well once I got all the pieces out I realized there were some missing so gluing it back together was not an option.  So I decided I would give her new wings.  

You probably can't tell but this angel's new wings are made from paper!   You could also use a fabric and stiffen it.  I thought feathers would be amazing too, but I didn't have any so paper is what I went with.

To get started I had to break the remaining pieces of the existing wings off.  This is the back of the angel and what is left of her wings after breaking the old pieces off using my pliers.  This angel is made of ceramic and resin so it is slightly fragile.

 So for this project I used scissors, pliers, heavy weight cardstock, pencil, gold and silver sharpie, x-acto knife and permanent glue dots.
I free hand drew out some wings and penciled out where the cut outs would be. I cut the wings out and using the x-acto knife added cutouts.  

To match the wings as best I could to the colors on the angel I used my silver sharpie to color the white paper on both sides and then used my gold sharpie to outline the cutouts and the edges of the wings.  Then I simply used glue dots to attach the wings to the area that the old wings were. 

I think it turned out really well for what cost me nothing!  So don't throw out a broken angel.  Just give her new wings!

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