Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Tip - Silica Gel Bead Uses

Check it out!  You know every time you get a new pair of shoes or electronic item, there are these little packets inside that usually end up in the trash?  I'm talking about those little silica gel packs.  They can be found in so many products, even food products, because they absorb moisture.  

For today's Tuesday Tip, I wanna tell you why you should keep all those little packets instead of throwing them away. You can put them in any container or box that you are putting away for storage to keep moisture and condensation away.  
Here are a few places having silica gel packets in is beneficial:

  • holiday decorations
  • stored collectables 
  • old file boxes
  • in the toolbox to keep your tools from rusting
  • boxes of photos
  • back of drawers
  • under bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • in your jewelry box
  • in the medicine cabinet to keep razor blades from rusting
These are just a few places.  You can also dry out and preserve flowers with them. 
Do you save your silica gel packets already?  If so what do you do with them?    

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  1. GURL you are a GENIUS, no more throw away for me...


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