Thursday, October 30, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Recycle Container Lids into Pumpkins

Check it Out!  I have a great little fall pumpkin craft using recycled materials that would be great as a family or group activity.  All you need is an assortment of recycled lids (at least 3 of each size), some sticks, craft paper and some glue.  The larger the lid, the larger the pumpkin, so you could create a whole pumpkin patch using various sizes!

My large pumpkin was created with Cool Whip container lids.  What is great about the larger sized pumpkins is you could also cut out some face features and decorate it as a jack-o-lantern as well.  Great kid project!

I chose an orange colored paper and cut 3 circles to fit the lids.  It doesn't really matter which side you use, but I used the inside of the lid as my pumpkin front.

Once the lids are covered, stack and glue two of them together with one circle half over the other circle.  Then glue the third circle to the front center of the two glued together circles.  For the stem of the pumpkin, I used a stick from the yard.  I broke it off to proportionally fit and glued the end down into the opening of the lids as shown above.

I love the idea of using different patterns of coordinating papers.  
For my smaller pumpkin I used the lids that come on the icing containers in refrigerated cinnamon buns.  

Once again I used patterened paper to cut circles to fit the fronts of my lids and a stick from the yard.  I found a great one with this hook at the top.

Stack and glue the lids and add the stick to the top for the stem.


  1. How adorable!!! And they said I was nuts for keeping all of those lids that didn't fit anything!! I'll show them!! ha/ha Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. Man you really know how to create some stuff, these pumpkins are cute, would be great as magnets or to hang in the windows!


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