Thursday, September 25, 2014

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - SuperHero Water Globe

Check it Out!  I know I haven't posted a craft in a few weeks, but the odds have not been in my favor these last few weeks when it comes to crafting.  I started about 3 different projects and between all the medical issues with my husband and then dropping and breaking my camera it's been slow going.
 But I am determined to get back at it and this project is one that came out of another idea I had for a snow globe.  I'm still working on that original idea, so don't be surprised to see more globes in the near future.

For this craft my supplies included
  • tuna can
  • mini fish bowl (From the Dollar Tree)
  • Super Hero Figurine ( make sure it will fit inside the bowl)
  • Rocks
  • Ribbon
  • Star foil stars
  • Glue
  • water
To make my globe I first made sure my tuna can and my fish bowl were super clean and dry.  I then flipped the tuna can over so that my globe (the fish bowl) would rest on the bottom of the can.

Using my glue I attached my super hero figurine to the center of the can and added the rocks around the edges, being sure to leave room for the bowl to go down around the rocks to rest on the can.  I used E6000 and allowed plenty of time for drying.

I wanted to used red white and blue colors to allow Captain America to stand out.  I picked out those color foil stars and added them to my clean bowl filled almost to the top with water. 

 You don't want to fill  the bowl completely because you still want to be able to shake it and the other objects will fill up some space as well.   

To assemble the water globe I ran a bead of glue around the rim of the bowl and then lowered the base turned upside down into the globe.  I added some additional glue to any gaps and then put something heavy on top.  I then gave it plenty of time to dry.  After it was all dry I added a bead of silicone around the gap between the can and the bowl to waterproof it.  After allowing it to dry over night I then flipped it over.  I ran a length of ribbon around the can and glued on my star foil pieces to cover the gap.
What is great about making these is being able to make them into whatever you want.  Got a Frozen figurine or even Barbie or a Monster Truck, glue it on and add some glitter or sparkle.


  1. How fun!!! I need to buy a case of the sealant!! ha/ha There are so many things you can use it for. You always hear snow globe and think holiday - but this makes it for any time of the year. I love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!


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