Monday, May 5, 2014

Product Review: Serafino Artisan Series 12 oz. Double Wall Glasses by Ozeri

*I received this product for free, however all opinions are my own.

Check it Out!  I love coffee and I drink it pretty much all morning.  Once I have had my fill of coffee, I switch to water and then drink that for the rest of the day.  With 5 people home all day long, the cups can really build up so I get one cup and use it all day long.   The rest of my family prefers those really large cups that hold like a ton of drink, but I myself prefer a smaller cup.
Other than the issue of always having a sink full of cups, my other issue with my family and drinkware is the rings that are left on my furniture from the condensation on the glasses.  No matter how often you tell them to use a coaster, they just don't and alas another water ring is left!  So when I recently got the opportunity to review a set of double wall glasses I knew I wanted to check them out.
I received a set of Serafino Artisan Series 12 oz. Double Wall Glasses by Ozeri.  Not only are these some really stylish looking glasses but they are very functional.  These glasses are made of heat resistant, mouth blown borosilicate glass that is of the finest quality.  Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass and shatter resistant.  They are also resistant to acid and are oven, microwave and freezer safe.  
These glasses are durable and are designed to stay cool to the touch, even with the hottest drinks.  They also resist that pesky condensation with chilled drinks.  Each glass also features a wrap around contour that provides a natural comfortable grip.

I love the look of these glasses, so modern and innovative.  The liquid is literally suspended inside the glass and they do indeed fit quite nicely in the hand.  I have replaced my coffee cup with this glass because it stays cool to the touch with even the hottest coffee and I love not having to hold it by a handle.  It's easier to grip and easier to carry around.  Less spilling too!  And for cold drinks?  No more water rings!  These glasses do not sweat, there is no condensation on the outside of the glass!  I now use these glasses all day everyday, one in the morning and one for the rest of the day.  And since my daughter drinks water a lot, she uses one too!  These glasses would be perfect for serving guests too.  A great conversation piece for sure!  And they would make a great gift.  
You can get more information and order some for yourself on Amazon at  They come in sets of 4.

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