Thursday, March 13, 2014

#TBCCrafters - Moving Survival Gift

Check it Out!  I haven't lived in my neighborhood very long, but my neighbors are amazing and I have gotten to know pretty much all of them extremely well since I have been here.  I have one neighbor, Denise that I just adore!  She is an amazing woman and has been a God-Send to me, so when I found out that she will be moving away to Florida, I knew I wanted to give her a special Going Away gift.  After considering the different options and weighing in my financial situation, I went with a handmade gift.  Wanting it to be useful, because we all know how frustrating moving is and how when already dealing with mounds of boxes and stuff, you just don't really need more "Stuff", I decided to make her a Movers Survival Gift Basket.

There are a ton of great things you can include in a basket like this, but here are the items I included:
  • monogrammed basket
  • monogrammed notepad 
  • sharpie marker
  • water bottle
  • hair bands
  • hand sanitizer
  • keychain
  • candy 
  • small sewing kit
  • handmade card
I picked up the basket, marker, notepad and candy at the dollar store.  I added the monogram letter to the front of the basket with a paint pen and I used the same paper crafting kit that I made the card with to decorate the hand sanitizer bottle and a frosting container for the candy.  I also decorated a medicine bottle for the "mending kit" with a tag that said "For those little mends" and a tag to the keychain that said "Wishing you Happiness in your new home" and a tag to candy container that said "For Energy".  

Since I plan to keep in touch with Denise I decided that I didn't want to say Goodbye, just So long so I decorated the card and added my sentiments to the inside along with the saying "Whatever way our stories end, I know you'll have rewritten mine by being my friend." I really love how it turned it out and she said she cried when she got it so I think she liked it to! lol
I am so going to miss her but when she is the kind of friend that no matter the distance will always be there! 


  1. What a great idea, awesome give, very thoughtful!

    1. Thanks Rose! I was going for something useful and fun too!

  2. Oh Dawn, that is priceless!! This would mean so much to someone going through that. Saving this one. Tweeted & Pinned!

    1. Thanks Jamie! That means a lot to me! She really loved it!

  3. and being the recipient of this wonderful gift, I can honestly say I have already been using it and I love it!!! I will always treasure you Dawn.... and I adore you as well.. BUT you know that there will always be a bedroom with your name on it and yes it is truly priceless... I will always love you Dawn!!!

  4. By the way, James has my keychain so that when he picks up the keys on the 28th, he said he wanted to put mine on there first thing...


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