Sunday, December 29, 2013

My 2014 Inspiration with Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge Entry

Check it Out!  I was recently introduced to a great Craft Challenge that has gotten me inspired!  I love glue dots so when I found out from a friend that there is a 2014 Glue Dots Craft Stash Challenge going on over at Laura Kelly's Inklings I just had to get in on it!  I am determined to make this year an even better one than last so this is just the jump start I needed.
So as I surveyed my stash, I found one thing that I have a lot of, and that is those little button embellishments.  I have a jar full of tons of little themed shapes and buttons and accessories.  After poking around in the jar for a little bit, I found many pieces that represented things I wanted to do in the coming New Year. 
Using a 12 x 12 sheet of paper for my background I layered my numbers on top.  I didn't have any templates or stencils so I had my creative daughter draw my numbers for me.  She is my crafting partner in crime and is so great at helping me. 
I then used my shapes and buttons to out line the numbers.  I used wire cutters to cut off the button backs if needed.

I included many things that I want to start, continue or do in 2014, like taking a family vacation, celebrating the holidays with family, watching more movies with my daughter, taking pictures and making better use of my time.  I want to go camping and get caught up on school work and craft even more than I do!  And there is always love and happiness!  
This has been a fun little challenge that sure has me excited for the coming year and all the new and creative things to come!


  1. Oh Dawn I love your idea behind this, and I also adore that it's so colorful and vibrant! I'm going to make a link up for us, what do you think? I love how you took the idea and went further as you explore your 2014 goals!!!

    1. Sounds great Rose! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Dawn, I can see you accomplishing everyone of these in 2014! you are the most inspiring person I know... Denise


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