Thursday, November 21, 2013

TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Make Your Own Graphic Tees & Hoodies

Check it Out!  My daughter has a few TV & Movie shows that she is a super fan of, like SuperNatural, Walking Dead, Dr. Who and Mortal Instruments, just to name a few.  She is always finding a new hoodie or tee shirt on-line that she falls in love with and I have to say no, because they cost so dang much!  I mean $40 for a hoodie with a few words on it is a little outrageous to me, especially when you get them and they are like the cheapest hoodies around, thin and delicate!   
Well good news for me is that my daughter is artistic and she loves to craft with me, so we set out to make our own graphic tees for way cheaper.  Using sales and coupons, we bought plain tees and hoodies and fabric paint pens from JoAnn's and Michaels.  I also found some great Fabric Spray Pens on clearance for about $1 along with a few iron-on letters and decals.  Using these supplies, we ended up with some really great shirts.  

This is my beautiful and talented daughter Victoria and her Mortal Instruments inspired tee.  As I said she is very artistic and can draw really well.  If you don't have that artistic ability, you can search on line and find many templates and designs that you could use as a template.  We used those spray paint pens, a paper plate and a purple fabric paint pen to make this one.  Here is how we did it.

  • Step 1 - line the inside of the shirt with cardboard or plastic, so the paint doesn't seep through to the back of the shirt
  • Step 2 - We used the paper plate as a stencil for our circle, so we placed it in the center of the shirt
  • Step 3 - Using one hand to hold the plate from moving, we sprayed our first color on
  • Step 4 - We sprayed a contrasting color on next.  The closer we sprayed the more concentrated the color. 
  • Step 5 - We added a brighter color, spraying from the center of the plate outward to the edges of the shirt.  
  • Step 6 - We allowed 24-48 hours to dry completely and then added the symbol to the center. Tori free-handed it.

Here are some more designs Tori created.  The hoodie on the left has POW! on it.  She free-handed it along with the "I Really Don't Care" Cat tee on the right. Both of these images could be pulled from the internet and used as templates though.  
The "Someone Please Help Will Graham" tee below is another one she free-handed.  We saw this exact shirt online for $22, cost us $5!  Will Graham is a character from Hannibel.

SuperNatural is one of her fave shows and she loves Castiel so we made this tee using iron-on letters and some golden iron-on wings.  
With a good set of fabric paint markers and some plain tees, the possibilities are really endless.  Make it unique, make it your own, make it cheaper!  


  1. What a neat idea. I need to try this!

  2. How cute - this would be great for school events or any other thing to personalize it to fit you!! Great idea!

  3. My family LOVES making tees for the holidays, we do it almost every single year. I love all of the ideas, looks like your daughter Tori had a lot of fun being creatively crafty like her mom!


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