Thursday, November 7, 2013

#TBCCrafters Craft Hop - Jeweled Hangers & Dog Supply Organizer

Check it Out!  I have a dog named Ellie, who is my baby girl.  If you don't like dogs, I know you may be cringing a little, but this little girl has gotten me through so much and since I see her as a sign from God, she is super special to me!  You see about 7 months before the fire, we had bought a little Malztu puppy, Champ, from a breeder and my husband and I had gotten very attached to him.  He along with our 2 cats, did not make it out of the fire and we were devastated.  About a month after the fire, we found out my husband has stage 4 colon cancer, so that added to our devastation.  But right after his surgery, I got a message from a dear friend that her mama's dog was having puppies and if I wanted one, I could have one for free.  We had paid $400 for Champ but insurance doesn't cover pets, so we couldn't claim him.   At first I didn't think I wanted another dog, but something made me say YES immediately!  So we waited, not really knowing what she would look like, and when she was 8 weeks old, we were finally able to get her.  

She was so small and sweet and cuddly and she and I instantly bonded.  Why you may be wondering do I consider her a sign from God?  Well Ellie is a Shitese, which is ShiZu and Maltese mix and Champ was a Maltzu, which is Maltese, ShiZu mix, so they look very much alike.

So you get the picture right??  Well, the reason I am giving you all this info on my dog is because my craft this week is inspired by her!  I love to dress her up and of course like any dog, she has a supply of stuff, toys, treats, collars, and such.  I wanted a place to keep all her stuff in one place, so I created an area just for her with a place to hang her little dresses, but I needed somplace for the stuff!  
I found this great wooden crate drawer at JoAnn's, of course I waited for a good deal and the day I bought it, I also found these great wooden hangers.  They were designed for doll or baby clothes I believe because they are smaller than normal hangers so I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them!  

Okay so let's start with the Dog Supply Organizer.  You could also make this using plastic drawers or an old dresser, whatever you want, you could also have the drawers labeled however you want.  I thought about the three main areas of abundance and that was Grooming, Health Care and Treats.
I only used paint and some wooden letters to make mine, I would have loved to burn the words on and then stain, but I have no wood burner so I just painted my words on.

First I stained my whole crate and the drawers and allowed plenty of time for them to dry.  I also left them outside for a couple of sunny days to let the stain set in and decrease the smell.  Then I just free-handed my letters on the wood with pink paint.  I have plans to add some bling to this later but for now my goal is to get this done!!  I painted my wooden letters and glued them to the top of the crate and using a piece of the fleece blanket that she came home with us in, I lined the three drawers so the items wouldn't fall through and as a crumb catcher for that treat drawer!  It's simple, but effective and it's just her size so now I wanted to bling up those hangers! 

First I painted my hangers the same pink that I used on the Dog Organizer and allowed it to dry well.  I used clear gem stones and a mini glue gun to add my bling!  Just decide on a pattern and glue and stick.  I recommend using tweezers of some sort, if using hot glue and using the mini gun gives you a smaller bead of glue so there is less ooze of glue.  I used the smaller sized stones for the small hangers and as I am a gluing away, I thought about those bigger stones and a big hanger and then I remembered the wooden hangers that I had in the laundry room, you know the kind that are in hotels? 

I have saved them with ideas of decoupage, and after making up one with just stones, I now have plans to decoupage and bling!!!!   You may have to wait a bit for that though!  It's the same technique though, just glue and stick. Possibilities are endless! 


  1. I totally understand the love for the dog. Our dog KC passed away a few years ago at the age of almost 18 years old! We had loved her from the time she was a puppy and she was part of our family. Luckily we got to have her that long. You had to deal with a lot more with losing your sweetie too early. Love this craft - my Mom would dig this for her Yorkies!! ...and I don't care what some people say, I believe our dogs go to heaven! :)

    1. Thanks Jamie! Oh, yes...I believe that too and Ellie is my sign from God that He has Champ and my kitties too!

  2. Oh what sweetness. I'm sorry about your pets, but happy that you've found love again with Ellie. This organizer and hangers are adorable! I can totally see that being a special hanger (gift addition) to the birthday outfit tradition we have.

  3. What a cute idea. I love this!

  4. My landlord won't allow pets in my apartment. The kids beg for one but we cannot. This special hanger is a good idea and my girl would love it too!


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