Sunday, October 27, 2013

We took the @Truvia #SweetSwitch thanks to @Crowdtap

 *I received samples via Crowdtap and Truvia for purposes of testing, however all opinions are my own.  

Check it Out!  I recently got a sample & share from Crowdtap for Truvia Natural Sweetener.  I received 1 sampling guide and two 2-packs of Truvia Natural Sweetener in the mail the other day and decided I would try the #SampleSwitch on my husband.  

I strategically left the packets of Truvia where he usually gets his sugar from and sure enough he took the bait.  He so loves to try new things!  He told me he liked it better than any of the other artificial sweeteners he has tried and was surprisingly close to sugar.  I am not too sure he will be making the switch, but we will see.  
I personally liked it better than the other sweeteners but still doesn't top sugar for me.  There is just a tiny aftertaste that gets me and keeps me from switching for good.  It is a great alternative for us both though and I would love to try it in cooking.  

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