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Our day @LaneSouthern Orchards Having some #FallFun #cornmaze

*I received complimentary passes and coupons from Lane Southern Orchards via USFamily Guide for purposes of this post, however all opinions are my own.

Check it Out!  Yesterday we took a break from school and took a field trip!  Thanks to USFamily Guide we were able to check out Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, Georgia and their awesome Corn Maze.
We live almost 2 hours away from Fort Valley, but we have family that lives in the area, so we stopped by and picked up my sister in law to take her with us.  As you can see in the pic above, she is slightly disabled with a broken arm and neck.  She had an awful accident a few months ago that messed her up, but here she is now, blessed, looking happy and having some Fall Fun with her brother, nephews and niece... and me!  As she says, "My legs ain't broke!"  
Anyway, my husband and sister in law both remember the orchards from their youth, as they grew up in the area, but they recall it as a "packin' shed".  Well let me tell you this is no shed!!  

Located right in the heart of middle Georgia, Lane Southern Orchards have been around for more than 100 years, and although they have an old fashioned attention to detail they are also technologically advanced.  They are a "fully integrated grower, packer and marketer of Sweet Georgia Peaches and Pecans" and offer fresh baked goods that are made using their own products!
This is one large place and busy at that!  We arrived right before noon and after checkin' out the overview of the corn maze, we were ready for some lunch before we tackled that maze, so we headed to the PeachTree Cafe & Bakery.  Remember those baked goods?  Yeah, wow.... lots of goodies!  And the meal choices were amazing, from BBQ and fish to a soup & salad bar, there was definitely something there to please everyone!  Not done too often for us lately! 

The majority of us got the Lanes Classic burgers and fries but my husband got the BBQ and was in love.  He said it was the best BBQ he has eaten in a long time.  Our burgers where thick juicy and yummy!!  You do get a good portion for your dollar.  My sister in law and I halved one burger and were both satisfied.  They also have a kids menu.  
So with full bellies, we were off to find that corn maze!

The Lane Corn Maze is a whopping 7 acres!  But don't worry, they have clues for you and a really cool text if your lost system, where you text in a code word and they text you back directions!  Sweet!  And even then if you can't find your way out, they got some "Corn cops" that will help you get out!  
We didn't use the texting thing, well for a few reasons.  First we had 3 people in our group that all thought they knew their way and didn't need directions and second we used the clues to help guide us.  Now being as this is an Allman Brothers Band maze, knowing about the Allman brothers helped A LOT with these clues.  Poor kids, didn't have a clue, so that was our advantage!  We loved the band, album, history questions that would give you the way to go with a right answer.  

I was impressed with how even the path was, there weren't a lot of roots and stems to walk over, very smooth and plenty wide so that you don't feel clostrophobic.   That helped a great deal with my two handicapped family members!  They both gave it a try and although they may could be accussed of cheating a little they made it out and back to the shade and a cozy rocking chair, just a little winded but none the worse for wear.  The kids however stuck it out and without hints or the clues, they had no answers (hehe) they made it out successfully!  

It is the absolute perfect time of the year to visit Lane Southern Orchards.  The weather was beautiful for us yesterday.  They have a play ground for the kids that was great but what really caught my eye, was the collection of tractors.  If you have a tractor lovin' kid, he will love you for a trip here!  My boys when younger would have had a field day just on the tractors!  There is also a great covered area with those rocking chairs I mentioned and tables where you can hang out and watch the kids play or wait out those lost in the maze! 

 After all that exploring, it was time for dessert!  Thanks to Wendy at Lane Southern Orchards we all got a free dessert and of course the kids wanted ice cream.  Us adults went with their famous Peach Cobbler.  Yum, Yum and triple yum!  I really wanted to try the peach ice cream, but there just wasn't room! 

After refueling with dessert we headed to check out the store and do a little shopping.  They have SO much!  Those baked goods again, this time ready to take home versions and even frozen!  I found that you can buy their Peach Cobbler frozen!  Sweet! They have a gift shop full of some beautiful stuff and of course peaches and pecans and pumpkins and apples too!

We had a great time and of course left with some of their amazing products.  That fudge didn't last long once we got home and we dropped of some pecans to grandma on the way home so I am hoping for a fresh pecan pie here in a few days!  
Lane Southern Orchards isn't just about fall though, in the spring they have a huge strawberry patch and it is a great educational experience with their "Agriculture in the Classroom" classes.  You can also experience farm and packing line tours.  These are all seasonal related and you can check out their website at  They have an awesome site, full of all their products, and information on corporate planning events, parties and even recipes!  Oh and you can check out that Eat a Peach Corn Maze we took on today!
If your heading out to Lane Southern Orchards, be sure and head over HERE and get a $2 off admission coupon!  
A big thanks to PR/Marketing Director Wendy at Lane Southern Orchards and USFamily Guide for a day well spent. Family time and Fall Fun, can't go wrong with that!

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