Thursday, September 26, 2013

#TBCCrafters Thrilling Thursday Craft - Cheap Dollar Store Pumpkins, Blinged Up!

Check it Out!  I have been thinking a lot lately about fall decorations.  After going through my meager belongings from the fire, I discovered that only 1 tub of my Fall/Halloween decorations made it out.  I found some lighted pumpkins, they are a little sooty and dirty, but they will be fine for outside, and a few odds and ends, but nothing really to decorate inside with.  So I decided that this year will be homemade holidays!  I have been gathering some supplies that I found on clearance and then found some real great goodies at The Dollar Tree.  

I found these great little carvable 6" pumpkins and some great ribbon and picks as well.  I used those picks in another craft that involved an upcycle.  
My neighbor gave me a swag and some garland that she no longer wanted.  It was a little worse for the wear, but totally worth saving, as I knew I could make something with them.  And I did, I made a great wreath by combining the swag and garland and then added the dollar ribbon and those glittery leaf picks to give it some sparkle.  It turned out great and is my first fall decoration this year!

Okay so back to those pumpkins! 
The only problem with my little $1 pumpkins was that they all had a line around the middle of them, making them look fake, so I decided to hide the line with some bling! 

I purchased a bag of gem stones and hot glued them around the center of the pumpkins to conceal the line.  Super easy!  If you are using them outdoors, I would recommend using silicone as it will last longer and is more weather resistant, but these pumpkins will be on my covered porch, so I just used hot glue.

To create the monogrammed pumpkin, I used chalk to make my letter, this way I could wipe it off if I messed up.  I just free handed my letter, but you could use a sticker or rub on as well.  Then I just hot glued my stones on following my pattern.  Easy peasy!  

Here is another blinged up version, but for this one I used sequins and attached them with sequin pins.

Just use the pins to secure the sequins wherever you want them!  I added sequins to the stem too, which makes it look much more expensive than $1!  
The pumpkins and cauldron in the first photo will be used in another craft that I have in mind, so you will be seeing those again!  Stay tuned and Happy Crafting!!


  1. Adorable - makes a jack-o-lantern look classy!! Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. What a great way to spice up a cheap find. I love home-made decorations for the seasons and the cheaper the better! I love this :-)

    1. Thanks Amanda! I love Cheap and I love to spice Cheap up!! lol

  3. So, we are having a harvest festival and I worried about pumpkin guts and such. This seems to be a better alternative! Love it!

  4. Buying real pumpkins is not cheap and yours can be reused, love it.

  5. You know me, I LOVE bling!!!! You're so fabulous!


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