Thursday, September 12, 2013

#TBCCrafters Thrilling Thursday Craft - Framed Jewelry/Pin Display

Check it Out!  I told y'all about a month ago that I had two of these die cut wooden frames so I wanted to share what I did with my second frame.  If you want to see the framed shadow box that I made with the first one, you can GO HERE and check that out.
So I have this foam piece that was inside one of my Purex Insider shipments. It's nice thick sturdy foam that I just knew I would find a use for, so of course I saved it.  I also have this box of jewelry that made it out of the fire that I have been meaning to do something with.  I was so excited to find the jewelry but there are some problems with some pieces.  I had quite a few pairs of earrings that were missing mates, and some of my antique pins had a little water damage but I just couldn't throw them out.  I got to thinking about a way to display some of these pieces that I knew would never be worn again, but still hold meaning to me. 
I discovered that the foam I had saved was thick enough to be able to poke the studs and posts from my jewelry into and combined with that die cut wooden frame, I made myself a framed jewelry display for my wall!
Here is how I made it.

  • Die Cut wooden frame
  • Foam piece (you could also use foam board or cork)
  • Utility knife to cut foam
  • Steel Ruler 
  • Hot Glue

Step 1 - My foam piece was layered with a frame and then a solid piece, so I had to pull the frame from the backing.  Of course I am saving that- you might see it again! lol
Step 2 - Using my steel ruler to get a good straight edge, I cut my piece out to fit the frame.  I had to do a little trimming here and there to make sure it didn't show through from the front.
Step 3 - Hot glue foam piece to back of frame.
You can add a hanger to the back or display in a plate easel.

Using the pin shafts and the earring posts, I just attached my jewelry without any glue.  This way I can swap out the pieces and change them around.  
This would be great for a pin or awards collection too.  


  1. Oh this is totally cute, look at your making really good use of the clearance frames! LOVE IT!

  2. Adorable - who knew you could make your jewelry into art!! Really love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  3. That's a cute idea. My daughter has tons of jewelry she could use.

  4. This can make a good one to display a gift. Nice!


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