Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Frugal Cat Food Spill Tray

Check it Out!  We have a very messy cat named Ollie.  He is large and in charge and is known to knock over his water bowl or anything around with liquid in it.  It is slightly funny, but mostly highly annoying!  We have a hard time finding a bowl that he wouldn't tip over.  He's a big fellow and he is strong, so he was always out of water, because he would tip the bowl over.  I found these dog food bowls at The Dollar Tree and since the sides are sloped he can't knock it over, but he is still a seriously messy eater so I needed something to contain the mess.
I had recently found this great plastic tray at The Dollar Tree so I decided it would make a great spill tray for Ollie's bowls.  Not only is it cheap, but it is easy to clean and can be easily moved for vacuuming and cleaning with those built in handles!  You could also use a boot tray, one of those plastic trays they make to put next to your door to put your dirty shoes on, they work great too, I would have used the one we have but since Ollie is a messy eater, of course he also has bad potty habits and more of the liter ends up on the floor than in the box, so we use the boot tray to catch the liter!

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