Thursday, August 22, 2013

#TBCCrafters Thrilling Thursday Craft - Mirror Upcycle

Check it Out!  Moving into this house was an emotional thing...losing my home of 10 years that we built ourselves was devastating, but after getting past the fact that we wouldn't be rebuilding, we are so blessed to have found a house that was foreclosed on and at an amazing deal!  Not only is our yard not double but triple the size of our old yard, but the house itself is almost double the size of our old one!
As awesome as it is, it was a little overwhelming moving in with no possessions.  I now had double the walls to decorate and with nothing to start with.  
Right after we moved in, we got up in the attic, poking around and found all these frame parts and a mirror.  After checking everything out and removing some of the extra pieces I had myself a pretty decent framed mirror that I hung up on the end wall in the upstairs hall.  It was very plain though as you can see in the pic below.  

On one of my recent clearance shopping trips,I found this Embellished Designer Wall Lettering kit marked down.  I really loved the little wooden butterfly embellishments.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, or where to put it, but I knew I would eventually find a way to use it.  I also had another wooden P that I got marked down as well so I decided that with the combo of both I could dress up that plain old mirror in the hall.
My other supplies for this project included silicone, sandpaper, paint, mod-podge and glitter.

So first up, I had to prep the mirror for painting.  After taping off the inside to protect the mirror and make for easier clean up, I gave it a sanding so the paint will adhere better.  Then I painted the entire frame a light blue.

Next I cleaned the mirror and then applied my lettering according to the directions included.  I only used the word Family on the mirror.  I really liked this product and the ease that it came off, the little tool was even included.  

Next I had to prepare the wooden letter and since it will be in the darkest spot of the house, I knew I wanted some bling so I went with glitter.  I first mixed some mod-podge and glitter together and coated my letter really well and then I applied glitter the good old fashion way..I just dumped it on and then shook the loose glitter off and allowed it to dry completely.

Using silicone I attached the letter to the center of the mirror and allowed it to dry laying flat.  I also used silicone to attach the wooden butterflies to the frame and mirror. 
After everything was dry I hung it up and applied the remaining words to the wall under my mirror and it turned out pretty good!  My family loves it and so do I!  Not bad for a free mirror!


  1. Cute! I found a mirror at a flea market and have been trying to think of something to do with it. I really like the butterflies around the mirror.

  2. How adorable - you could make this match any room - love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  3. Love that idea to be customized and unique.

  4. Perfect way to add a touch of fall!

  5. I love mirror projects!!! This is so adorable, I love the letters!!!


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