Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book Review: Runaway Emotions by Jeff Schreve

*I received this book compliments of for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Runaway Emotions
by:  Jeff Schreve

About the Book:
"If we pay attention to the alarms in our lives, they could save us.
Worry. Anger. Loneliness. Negative emotions are uncomfortable by design. Like any good fire alarm, they alert us to a greater danger. But they won’t help us if we try to cover them up, hide them behind excuses, or assume they will always plague us.
The only healthy way to manage negative emotions is to find their source and address the problem that set them off. As pastor Jeff Schreve says, “A specific and compelling message can be found in each of your negative, painful emotions. God Himself is trying to speak to you through those emotions—right now.”
So what is God saying? How can we understand our emotions—even change them? Schreve shows how the truth of the Bible can make sense of our confusion. The power of the Holy Spirit can lead us to freedom, and Jesus Christ can give us true peace in the midst of any crisis.
You don’t have to let your emotions run away with you, your family, or your future."

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book and the uplifting emotions it created in me!  I am not a hugely emotional person, but I truly connected with this book and how well the author used scriptures and verses from the Bible to show how God allows our runaway emotions to create warning bells within us for a reason.  Embarrassment, loneliness, frustration, worry, anger, guilt, discontentment and depression are all very real and can be very overwhelming and it's a powerful thing to be able to interpret your own feelings and to know when its time to do something about it and I am excited that with this book I can be more aware of them and myself and what God says about them.  
Our family has experienced some trauma lately that has many of us feeling a wide range of many of these feelings and with this book I have been able to provide members of my family with a biblical way to handle their feelings.  It is as simple as a text with the verse or just the scripture and number.  I think I will be referencing to this book over and over.  2 thumbs up!

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