Monday, July 1, 2013

Make It Monday - Wooden Doily Keychains

Check it Out!  I recently had a housewarming party and was thinking of some different thank you gifts that I could give my guests.  I found these great wooden doilies on clearanced at Michael's and just love the look of them so I decided that they would make great keychains.  

My supplies are super simple, wooden doiley cutouts, some jump rings and some split rings.
Since most of the wooden pieces had a hole of some sort near the edge, I just added on a jump ring and then added my split rings to the jump rings.  

For those that didn't have a hole, I just drilled a little hole in with my little hand drill.  The wood is so soft it is super easy.  
Because I was giving these away as party gifts, I needed to make some thank you tags to go with the key chains. 

Ellie was helping which is always fun!!  
So here are a few more of my finished products.

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  1. I've never seen this, love these doily cut outs!!! So fabulous!


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