Thursday, June 6, 2013

#TBC Crafters Hop Thrilling Thursday Craft - Marbled wooden letter

Check it Out!  I really love monograms and I love finding P's to add to my new collection!  I have a few already and recently found these inexpensive wooden letters at Michael's and I am loving finding ways to "dress" them up.  I have created personalized ones with photos as well.  You can check that one out HERE.  
So for this P, I will be using those marble stones that you can pick up at the dollar store for a buck a bag.  Here are all my supplies:
  • Wooden letter P
  • 1 bag of larger marble stones
  • 1 bag of smaller marble stones
  • Silicone 
  • Blue Paint 

Step 1:
Paint your letter if desired.  I prefer the light blue background with the blue stones, so I painted my wooden P, that came already primed, with light blue acrylic paint.

Step 2:
Decide on your pattern and then starting with the larger stones, randomly place the stones on the letter.  Don't affix them yet, just lay them out.

Step 3:
Once you get all your stones on and you are happy with it, it's time to start gluing.  Since I was using a caulking gun for my silicone, I squirted some out on a paper plate to make it easier to work with.

And then using toothpicks, I apply the glue to each marble.  I could control exactly how much glue I was putting on that way and I didn't have any puddles or excess to deal with.

Optional step:
If you want to fill those little holes in where a full stone wouldn't fit, with a little extra effort you can smash up some small pieces to fill in.

I smash my pieces with a hammer and place the marble stones between two towels so there are no flying pieces and all the glass is trapped in the towel. 

Once you have everything glued on, allow it to dry overnight to make sure nothing falls off when you turn it upright!  
I found that as pretty as this is, it is heavy with all those marbles on there so I didn't hang my P, but stood it up.  It looks beautiful in my bathroom which is done in a beach theme.

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  1. Dawn! I love it!!! So beautiful and creative! I love how you used materials you already had, bet it makes that P stronger by using caulk! PS. Love your bathroom decor!

  2. Thanks Rose! I love the colors and that caulking really is the way to go, it's clear and dries quickly!

  3. This is very beautiful. It should shine really good with some light on.

  4. Yes it does shine in the light. Too bad my bathroom is so dark!


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