Saturday, June 15, 2013

Need a last minute Father's Day gift? How bout a Stash Bowl for Dad?

Check it Out!  Tomorrow is Father's Day and if your needing a last minute gift, I got a quick and pretty cheap one to share!  My hubby loves candy so when I saw this idea for a "Dad's Stash" candy bowl on Pinterest, I knew it was an easy crafty project that he and the kids would love. 

My Supplies:
Bowl or Jar
Photocopy of a mustache
Black painters pen

My hubby isn't one for lids so I chose a fish bowl that was on sale at Michael's last week for $3.99.  It's easy for him to get into and to refill with his favorite stash of candy.  I couldn't find a mustache rub on big enough so I bought myself some painters pens and used a photocopy of a mustache placed on the inside of the bowl.  I traced it with the painters pen and added the words "Dad's Stash" and gave it time to dry completely.

How easy and cute is that?  Just fill it up with Dad's fave snacks and you have a great last minute gift!


  1. Love it! Although I may have to make it mom's stash! Such a cute,quick, simple way to indulge a sweet tooth.

  2. So cute! I may need one of these for myself!

  3. That one is so cute!


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