Thursday, June 13, 2013

Check out my featured craft on The Blogger Connection site #TBCCrafters

Check it Out!  I love to craft and make things that are not only pleasant to look at but functional.  Although my supplies are no where near what I had before the fire, crafting is in my blood and I will just work with what I have until I can get what I want!
Being a member of The Blogger Connection, I get an amazing community of fellow bloggers who all support and help each other.  These really are some amazing people.  I joined in on the TBCCrafters club a few months ago and although I haven't been able to contribute until recently, they have been gracious enough to let me hang out with them and this week, I am so excited that my craft is on the TBC site!  
So, head on over HERE and check out my Thrilling Thursday Craft via #TBCCrafters.  If you have a fireplace 
or any other hole to cover...your gonna wanna check it out!


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