Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Make It Monday - T-Shirt Scarves

Check it Out!  I have a super quick and easy craft that may just add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe! lol
These fringed scarves are made from t-shirts using nothing but some scissors and a ruler!  

Starting with your t-shirt laying flat, decide how wide you want it and then cut straight across, keeping in mind you will be working with the bottom section of the shirt.  Want longer fringe, cut a wider strip. Totally up to you and when you see how quick and easy they are, you may end up making some of different lengths.  

So once you have your piece to work with lay it out in front of you and using a long ruler, make a line across the shirt so you can cut all your strips to the same length.  I have a long plastic ruler that I just lay across the shirt for my mark, but you could use a disappearing ink pen as well.  I like using this ruler best though, because I can also use it as a guide for cutting even strips.  

I cut a strip about ever 1/2 inch and as you can see they aren't perfect but that is okay, once you fluff it up, those imperfections are what makes it unique!

Just continue cutting strips until you reach the end.  I used my shirt with the hem up, so that the collar of my scarf would be the finished part.  You could just as easily switch it up and cut the other way.

Once you cut all the strips, just lift it up and fluff it out.  

It's just that easy.  Make the strips long or short depending on the look you want and you could even twist the strands or braid them.  And you can layer them as well. 

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