Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Book Review: Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei

*I received this book compliments of BookSneeze for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

Prayer Warrior Mom
by:  Marla Alupoaicei

Check it Out!  As a mom with a firm belief in God, I am always praying for my kids.  To keep them safe, to guide their hearts and oh, so much more.  But I will be honest, I don't always feel my prayers are deep or powerful enough, I am sometimes at a loss for words even with so much to say.  
Prayer Warrior Mom has helped to change that and I think this book would make an awesome baby shower gift.  
In this book you will learn how to pray with Scripture and pray with power!  Learn how to be persistent and most importantly to trust in God.  I really love how the author shows us through scripture, how we can become our children's own warrior.  Pray so that God hears your heart.  Pray with boldness, with purpose and authority.  
There a number of other insights in this book as well, including not holding your children too tightly.  Allow them to fail and allow them to fall sometimes.  It's how we learn.  With the trials and challenges that kids face these days, I know I have been praying double time!  It's exciting that you can learn how to pray for your children and in return give yourself a sense of relief and peace, knowing you can give it all to Him.

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