Monday, April 22, 2013

Make it Monday - Custom chalkboard frame

Check it Out!  I am finishing up the school room in our new house and of course I needed a chalk board to go along side my white board (which I picked up at a Thrift Store for a sweet $5) so using a store sale for 50% off, I got this unfinished wood chalkboard at Hobby Lobby.  I decided that I didn't just want to paint the frame... to bland.  So I decided to Deco Podge it!  I picked up a few sheets of scrapbook paper that would match my room.  Since my kids are older now, I don't have to have that typical "Schoolhouse" theme and am able to decorate the room for not just the school room but my office.

I highly recommend when using Deco Podge that you cover your surface.  For one thing it keeps the area cleaner and you don't have to be so careful, if you spill a drop, it's ok!  So first up I used paper tape and taped a plastic shopping bag to the center of the chalkboard.

Using 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper I figured out I would need 10 strips to cover the frame.  I cut my strips wide enough to cover the inside, front and bottom edges as well as the back. 

I spread the deco podge glue over the inside edge and lined up my paper in the center of a long edge.  Using the end of a sponge brush I flatted the paper to fit the groove.  Don't be afraid of that Deco Podge, slop it on there, the paper will stick better.

Flatten out the front edges and wrap around to the back.  I chose a pattern that I didn't have to match.  It is so busy, you don't notice the mismatched edges so the corners were super easy!

Using an exacto knife I just cut the corner to wrap around, kind like wrapping a present.  Once you have all the edges covered, be sure and apply a couple of coats of the Deco Podge to seal it all.  

So here is my final product!  That paper looks so good with the paint color!  Be sure and check out next weeks Make It Monday to see how I coordinated other items for my schoolroom.

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