Monday, January 14, 2013

NicoMate Electronic Cigarette Review & Giveaway!

Check it Out!  My husband is a smoker who really wants to quit.  As with many smokers, he just can't stop on his own.  He has tried patches but they just don't work for him and the new stop smoking drug is super expensive, plus there is the stress that he is under right now, which makes it double hard to quit.  But he still wants to quit so when I recently got the opportunity to try the NICOmate electronic cigarette I was super excited.  See we tried the electronic cigarette before, not this brand and it was to put it mildly CRAP!  I spent $25 on a tiny kit with a refillable cigarette, tiny charger and 3 refills.  It didn't work, the charger broke once and I had to swap it out, still it is so frustrating the husband won't even try it anymore.  What a waste!
Well, thanks to NICOmate, we got 1 disposable electronic cigarette to try...

The NICOmate disposable cigarette is a true alternative to to traditional tobacco cigarettes and it delivers a product that can be smoked anywhere.  With controlled amounts of nicotine vapor, the NICOmate cigarette gets rid of the bad breath, smelly clothes and the need to stand outside to smoke.  They contain no carcinogens or carbon monoxide and last longer than traditional cigarettes.  There is also no flame or ashes so it's neat and safe. 

So how does this electronic cigarette work?  Well when you inhale on the cartridge a battery powered sensor is triggered that heats the atomizer inside the cartridge.  The liquid nicotine that is inside the cartridge gets vaporized by the atomizer and is inhaled by the user.  You can GO HERE and get all the info on how NICOmate works.

Like I said earlier, my husband tried another brand of electronic cigarette so when I gave him this one, he was a little hesitant, but as I explained the product and how it works and that this one was disposable and would be equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes, he gave it a try.  After a few minutes, he looked at me and said he thinks he could quit with this!  Yay! 
He said that it was just like smoking a regular cigarette, he got the full feeling in his lungs and said he felt no difference other than the smoke and smell.  There is a vapor that is expelled, but it does not smell and it only produced the vapor when inhaled.
He and I are super impressed and hopefully with NICOmate's help, he can become a nonsmoker!

Do you or someone you love wanna stop smoking too?  Enter below for your chance to win a NICOmate electronic cigarette, just like the one we got to try out!

 *I received the product in this post compliments of NICOmate for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. i would like to win bcz i need to quit and it offers a smoke free, smellfree option

  2. I want to win because I've always wanted to try e-cigs.

  3. I'm a smoker, and I would really like to quit. Like your husband, I've tried other things, even Chantix, and nothing works. Ready to give this a shot. :)

  4. I need to quit and am willing to try just about anything

  5. My boyfriend wants to quit smoking (and i'd like him to too)

  6. I have smoked the e-cigs for almost 4 years now and love them but have not tried this brand. May be one I'd be switching to soon

  7. My husband and I both smoke, and have tried one brand of e-cigs already. Unfortunately, while the concept is great and I believe I could quit using them, the brand that we tried wasn't right. I would love to try another!

    1. Electronic cigarette is traditional smoke cigarette.Really I like electronic cigarette and i am heavy smoker.Enjoy Smoking...

      why to use e cigarettes

  8. For my brother who is trying to quit.


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