Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dog Lovers @Cravebox Review

Check it Out!  It's Cravebox time again!  If you have been here before, ya know I love me some Cravebox! When I found out there would be a Dog Lovers edition, I got myself entered into the drawing by using one of  my 4 guaranteed selection credits, I have these because I have been with Cravebox since it first started!  They reward loyalty and I love that as well!
So Ellie and I both were excited to see it arrive and we couldn't wait to dig in...

The Dog Lovers Cravebox was only $13 and I am very satisfied not only with the quantity of products but the selection!  Only thing missing was a toy!
So here is what came in the box:

As you can see we have a great assortment of products, from food to books!  If you notice, that bag of treats is already opened... Ellie could not wait until the camera came out to try these and WOW, does she LOVE them!  So let's start with those...

True Chews Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

These 100% all natural chews are made in the USA with real chicken jerky fillets and are rawhide and filler free!

Ellie loves these, she wasted no time putting an entire one away and begged for more!

$10 off $60 order at Coupon

I don't buy pet food online typically but I have heard that you can find hard to find brands at this site and it's always nice to shop 24/7.  I just wish this coupon included Free shipping... that is usually what will hold me back from purchasing online.  I will try to get in a trip to the site before the expiration date of the end of the month... we will see about this one.

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Pouches

This is a whole line of dehydrated food for dogs!  I didn't even know this existed until I saw this and am very intrigued by the concept.  All of these foods are 100% human grade, all natural and made in the USA!
We haven't tried this yet, but we will.

Bissell Stomp N Go Stain Lifting Pads

I have received these handy little pads in a previous Cravebox so I have used them before.  These also contain Febreze and that is a perfect combo for pet stains.  Having just moved into a house, this I am sure will come in handy!  This is a great product though and I love that they come individually packaged.  

"In a Dog's Heart" by Jennifer Arnold

"In a Dog's Heart contains numerous "how to" guides for every dog owner, along with captivating stories of the extraordinary ways in which dogs prove themselves worthy of our care and devotion—and how we can, and why we should, help them achieve what they so deserve."

I haven't had time to read the whole book yet, but I have thumbed through and it seems very interesting, I can't wait til I get the chance to get the whole thing in!  

Sentry Pheromone Calming Collar

Using pheromones that mimics a mother dog, this calming collar helps dogs in stressful situations to cope.  It has been clinically proven to significantly reduce or eliminate problem behaviors.  
I'm saving this for our next vacation or when we fix Ellie.  

I really loved this box and I cannot wait to see what the next Cravebox holds!  
Be sure and check back here soon for my Coffee Lovers Cravebox review and enter to win a Cravebox of your own!  

*I received no compensation via Cravebox for this post.  I purchased the box in this post myself and all opinions are my own as well.

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