Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Holiday Spruce Up @Cravebox

Check it Out!  I got my newest Cravebox the other day.  This is the Holiday Spruce- Up Cravebox and it is all about the pre and post holiday clean up that of course comes with the holidays. 
This box features 6 products that pretty much cover the whole home, but it only has 4 actual products inside and 2 that are savings coupons.  This I will admit disappointed me.  I paid $13 for this box and was expecting to try actual products, not have to go out and buy them to try them.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the box. 
Here are the products:
OxiClean Dishwashing Booster
Supercharges your regular detergent with tough stain fighters so you get cleaner and sparklier dishes.
So for the kitchen we have dishwasher booster, which I totally believe in and I have tried Oxi in the laundry with good results and although I am only using a mini-dishwasher I did get great results with this as well. I am happy it is a full size product and I thought the sticker on it "Try Me Free" meant I could snag another one, making it more worth the money, but alas it expires today.

Tide Pods
Reinvent the way you do laundry with detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one little pac.  They work in any machine and dissolve quickly in hot and cold water.
I have used these before and if it wasn't for the cost, would use them more often.  They are convenient and work great.

Bissell Somp-n-Go Stain Lifting Pads
Stomp out stains literally by just placing the special pad over the soiled area, then stomp-n-go!  No scrubbing needed. 
I haven't used this yet, don't have a stain.  But as soon as I get one, I will be testing it!
Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner &Degreaser
A powerful, multi-purpose cleaner that fights grease and grime.  Can be used on most surfaces, from fabric to concrete and is biodegradable.
I have used this many times before and even had some in my cabinet before the fire.  It is a great product, just wish I had gotten an actual product to use.

Biz Stainfighter
One of the best stain removers for over 40 years.  Pre-treat stains and super charge your detergents cleaning power.  Eliminate stains, odors and more.
Never tried Biz detergent so I was excited to see the name, but again no actual product for me to try unless I go and buy it, so I can't give ya my opinion on it. 
Febreze Set & Refresh
For long lasting freshness in smaller spaces, just set it and refresh with refills when needed.
I have used these before as well and I really like them. No batteries or plug ins needed, just set it there. Perfect for small bathrooms and bedrooms and way better for you than those aerosol sprays.
So overall, I am a tiny bit disappointed in there not being 6 actual products for the price of this box, but happy with the actual products that I received and I will continue to buy Craveboxes. 
You can check out my past Craveboxes HERE and get more info on this box and upcoming boxes as well! 
*I purchased the product in this post myself and all opinions are my own.

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