Thursday, November 29, 2012

How do you get a Cleaner Clean? Charmin #FreshmatesClean of course! @Vocalpoint

Check it Out!  I got this great little surprise in the mail yesterday via Vocalpoint that I wasn't expecting, but was absolutely tickled to get! 
Charmin Freshmates and they want to know...Would you bathe with just a dry towel alone and expect to get clean? 
Hmmm...made me think...ahhh no!   

So upon opening the box I found a full size tub of Charmin Freshmates and the funniest towel ever! 
Just in case you can't keep up with what's cleaning what, this baby is sure to help out!  My husband and I just love it!! 
We are pretty dedicated Charmin users, I only buy another brand when I can't afford it, but for us the little extra cost is worth it.  We also use Freshmates, but I will admit not on a regular basis, usually when those stomach issues hit which cause other problems like diarrhea.  I find that it is true, you can get much cleaner using both.  Charmin Freshmates have just the right amount of moisture to clean without causing irritations or a mess because they are too wet. 

Do you use Freshmates?  Do you hide them or show them off? 
Well Vocalpoint wants to know and if you snap a pic of where you keep your Freshmates and submit it HERE, in the DIY Bathroom Makeover Sweepstakes,  you could win a $5,000 Visa Gift Card to use towards your own bathroom makeover!  Also 4 daily prize winners get a tub of Freshmates!

*I received the product in this post compliments of Vocalpoint, however all opinions are my own.

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