Friday, November 16, 2012

Check Out Influenster and turn your social influence into Rewards!!

Check it Out!  If your a regular reader here at Check it Out! with Dawn, you probably know that I am a member of Influenster.  I love Influenster and if you don't know what it is, well let me tell you all about it!  See Influenster has recently undergone a makeover and a relaunch of the site.
I personally love the new look.  It's bright and fresh and more interactive and engaging than before.   There are 2 types of badges that can be earned now and that makes for much more fun.  Earn Lifestyle badges based on where you are in your life and Expert badges that are all about what you know.  Although there is a limit on Expert badges, I am hoping that will increase as I love opening new badges.
So my Influenster score right now is 86 although I am working to bring that up because I want every opportunity to get a VoxBox.  Yes, I want more VoxBoxes, they are awesome!  Head over HERE and you can check out my past boxes and see the fabulous array of products that you can test and tryout.
My last VoxBox was the Naturals 2012 VoxBox and it was wonderful.  I am still using many of these products now.   
Now Influenster is an invite only community so I wanna invite all you readers to get in on this exclusive and rewarding program.  Just head over to and click on "request an invite" and be sure and tell them Dawn Pruitt sent ya!
*I received no compensation for this post and all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooooh. Thank you. I discovered and and I am kind of hooked on these type of websites now. I am just starting to blog but I somehow have some influence I wasn't aware of lol. Thanks again for this post :0)

  2. I requested and invite. But they didn't have a field to let them know that you sent me. Still trying to figure out how to give you credit.


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