Thursday, October 4, 2012

Product Review: UNReal Candy via @BzzAgent

Check it Out!  Candy is very popular in our family.  From chocolate to hard candy, we love it all!  I guess we have a genetic Sweet Tooth!!!  Anyway I was excited to get in on the UNReal Candy BZZCampaign and so were the kids, but unfortunately due to my mail being forwarded, I never received my BzzKit :(  It got lost somewhere so I never got the coupons to get some free candy, but I went ahead and bought some so that we could still check it out!!
I only bought 3 of the 5 available candies since they were $0.89 ea. at CVS.

First up we tried the Peanut Butter Cups.  I am not a huge peanut butter lover, so I let the kids split this.  They said they liked it, although they said it didn't taste like milk chocolate but more like a dark chocolate. 

Next up was the Chocolate Candy Shells.  Around here M & M's are a huge fave, so the kids tore right into these.  Well DJ didn't like them at all and Tori said they were ok.  Again, they didn't taste like a traditional chocolate snack, more dark chocolaty.  I am really not a fan of these either.

Last up was the Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougats.  Since the kids are huge snickers fans, they were anxious to give this a try.  Again, the kids didn't turn flips or get excited, they just it was okay.  I tried to explain to them why and this is actually healthy candy and it didn't seem to help.  When I asked them if they would choose UNReal over any other candy, I got a resounding No! 
Now, what makes UNReal so different is that it has Unjunked candy!
With no artificial colors or flavors, no corn syrup or hydrogenated oils and no sugar, this truly is healthy candy.  They also use more cocoa and real caramel. 
Like I said I am not a huge fan, but I can say that it would be awesome if I could get my kids to eat this versus some of the enormously unhealthy candies they consume now and I believe that if started out on this candy versus the other that kids would love it and choose it over other brands.
Head over HERE and you can check out all the info on UNReal candy.  See all the ingredients for yourself and how they measure up to other similar candies. 
And don't forget to check out for opportunities to get in on some free products and services too!
 *I received information via BzzAgent for purposes of this review, however I purchased the product at my own expense and all opinions are my own.

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