Monday, September 3, 2012

Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait Review & Giveaway

Check it Out!  Ants are so pesky and getting rid of them is a job!  I think everyone has had to deal with them at some point and Combat has some new products out that are going to make dealing with them easier, less messy and more efficient!  Introducing Combat Source Kill Max!  Now this fab new product comes in 2 forms, Gel and Bait.
I love the combination of the two and I feel it makes for complete coverage of your home by using bait and the gel in those areas you can't get to.
I have always used this kind of ant killer in my home, except I usually have to go to the Do It Yourself pest control store and pay a whole lot!  Now I don't have to.
Combat Source Kill Max A2 Ant Gel contains Fipronil, which is a fast acting and effective active ingredient.  It's speed though is timed just right so that foraging ants can return to the colony and feed the bait to larvae and queens so that the whole colony is killed through the Domino Effect.  This stuff works within hours and lasts up to 1 month.  Place the gel neat ant trails and nests and any cracks or crevices that allow those pest in.  The syringe is not messy and makes it simple to get into those cracks that you normally can't treat.

I love the ease of use and the effectiveness of this product.  And combined with the bait, total coverage.
Combat Source Kill Max A1 Ant Bait contains an effective insecticide that the ants carry back to the colony for destruction of the queen and the colony. 
 It even kills ants outside the home which prevents them from coming inside. I always put the under my appliances and TV stand as well.  I like that these are not those ugly little black boxes that you usually see and they are more discreet.  I do not like sprays so baits and gels are perfect for me, easier
and less messy!
Combat is holding a $1,000 sweepstakes where 1 lucky winner will win $1,000 to hold their own Bug Free Backyard Bash!  The winner also receives an assortment of Combat brand products to ensure that ants don't spoil their bash!  Just head over HERE, watch a quick little video and get signed up!
Wanna chance to win a box of Combat Source Kill Max A1 Ant Gel for yourself? 
Time for...
*The Giveaway*
Enter via Rafflecopter form below.  US residents only.

*I received the products in this post compliments of Combat via Purex Insiders for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. I pre spray the whole house in the spring.

  2. baby powder. Sounds silly but we shake baby powder around the areas we see them and presto no more ants!

  3. We've tried corn meal. They take it back to their ant homes and it's like crack. No nutrition and they LOVE it, but when they drink, it expands and kills them. But it takes time, sometimes I just pull out the traps or the spray for good measure.

    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  4. i currently use sprays to kill ants. i would love to try these thanks crystal allen

  5. Combat source kill max ant bait is a good product for controlling those devils. Regular use of this products ensure ant free house. Thanks @Admin for this honest review.

    ant killer products


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