Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mystery Box via Graveyard Mall available again!

Check it Out!  Graveyard Mall has another Mystery Box available and if you have never heard of a Mystery Box, check this out...

Different then our custom mystery box, this box will be filled with items you can keep, or give as gifts. No small worthless items. Everything will be a gift you'll be proud to give, although some of the packaging may be mail order boxes or a bit rough. And if you're not happy.....hey, it's guaranteed!
Box will contain 10 items.
Gifts will be for a variety of people, men and women, kids and adults. There may not be something for everyone, but if you give gifts, there'll be someone for everything.
While there may be items that are winter themed, there will be no specific holiday themed items.

All this for only $26.99.  There are reviews you can check out HERE and they are great because they allow you to kinda get an idea of what a Mystery Box is!

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