Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review: Grieving God's Way by Margaret Brownley

Grieving God's Way
by: Margaret Brownley

About the Book:
A 90-day devotional healing experience for the grieving spirit.
The death of a family member or friend is devastating. In fact, it can take five years or more for a person to adequately work through his or her grief, but because we live in a fast-paced society, we often sweep it under the rug or ignore it altogether. God has another plan.
Man's Way: Numb the pain God's Way: Heal the pain
Man's Way: Don't talk about it God's Way: Share your pain
Man's Way: Time heals God's Way: Faith heals
Grieving God's Way is a 90-day reader designed to bring hope and healing to those who have experienced loss. Each thoughtful devotional begins with a scripture and ends with a haiku, written to affirm the positive theme of the text.
Divided into four categories—body, soul, heart, and spirit—each day's entry offers insight into the grieving process that increases understanding of God's purposeful plan for healing the heart and soul.

My Review:
I was drawn to this book for many reasons and I am glad that I requested it.  This 90 day devotional is full of practical advice based on God's word.  It's broke up into 4 parts:
Healing the Grieving Body
Healing the Grieving Soul
Healing the Grieving Heart
Healing the Grieving Spirit
Each day is filled with a new scripture and a Haiku by Diantha Ain along with the author's thoughts and her advice through God's word.  I like the way this book is laid out and whether it's the whole grieving process or just parts that you don't understand, this book will help you travel the whole road and help to understand that there is no timeline for grieving.   I found this to be full of hope which led to a new way of thinking and healing.  I like God's way better than man's way!

*I received this book compliments of BookSneeze for purposes of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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